FrontPage Extensions


This function allows you to install or remove your FrontPage extensions.

 Install Extensions
Installs FrontPage extensions. Should be used after removing extensions.
 Remove Extensions
Removes FrontPage extensions.
 Check/Fix Extensions
Checks and fixes your FrontPage extensions.


 If you receive an error from FrontPage regarding your extensions, try removing them and then reinstalling them.

 If your links aren't working properly or images aren't displaying after publishing, you may recalculate hyperlinks by opening the web in  FrontPage, clicking Tools, then Recalculate Hyper links.

 Checking the server extensions includes replacing missing directories an files created by FrontPage, and making sure all FrontPage- created executables are present and set with the correct permissions.

 Fix searching problems. For example, If you get the following error message:
 The text source "default" does not exist in "D:\your IP Address\_vti_txt\default.wti". No documents found. Please try again. Try using  Check/Fix Extensions to correct the problem.

 You may add users to a FrontPage web by creating the user in the Create User portion of the Administration Page, opening the web site  in FrontPage, clicking Tools, clicking Permissions, and adding the user to the permissions list.

 If your site is large, it may take some time (5+ minutes) for the processes to run.

 Server error -
This means a server side configuration is incorrect. Contact technical support to resolve the error.