If you want, we can help you prepare a resume or suggest published material that will help immeasurably. Here are a few do's and don'ts; if you have doubts, ask us.

Recruiters are only human, a too long resume is a turn off. Be concise, be factual, be to the point, and always have that resume up to date. List positions in "bullet" form in chronological order, starting with your current situation, and include date slots. Avoid wordy paragraphs, less is better and "just the facts" rather than lengthy personal pursuits, hobbies, family, et al. 

Your educational background and achievements along with dates are important. Include pertinent but brief facts of what you did and accomplished in each job. Never have unexplained gaps of time, avoid writing in the first person, don't write lengthy objective statements. It's your resume and you want it to be read. Clarity, conciseness and if possible, brevity all help reach that goal.

Remember, the resume is important but nothing supersedes the interview.


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