Sales Representatives

  • BS degree(life sciences, business)

  • One to three years pharmaceutical sales experience, preferably in large company

  • Consistent sales goals achievement

  • Solid customer and product knowledge

  • Outstanding interpersonal and verbal communication skills

Base salary range of $42,000-$65,000.

Specialty/Hospital Representatives

Additionally, neurology, virology, oncology and cardiology specialists need all of above plus:

  • Five years experience in pharmaceutical sales

  • Experience in the above fields in sales

  • Ability to communicate complex therapeutic data at physician level

Base salary range of $70,000-$95,000.

Pharmaceutical District Manager

  • BS plus 6-10 years experience in pharmaceutical sales and management.

  • Provide direction to sales representatives in accord with designated policies

  • Interpret and executive policies and procedures

  • Accomplish increasing results through employees

  • Direct completions of projects on schedule and within set financial guidelines

  • Communicate with internal personnel and external customers regarding operations and/or contracts.

  • Conduct briefings and participate in meetings.

  • Motivate sales reps in developing strong strategies and tactical plans

  • Understand local market, changing trends and competitive environment

  • Demonstrate analytical and organizational skills

Salary range of $75,000-$135,000.

Medical Sales

Questions frequently arise concerning the differences between a Medical Sales versus a Pharmaceutical Sales career. Consider this:

  • Starting salary, no industry experience: Medical, $35-45K; Pharm, $45-60K

  • Average salary, 3 years+ experience: Medical, $45-55K; Pharm, $55-70K

  • Average commission, no industry experience: Medical, $10-50K; Pharm, $8-15K

  • Commission for rep in top 10% in sales: Medical, $50-$200K; Pharm, $25-40K

  • Company car: Medical, 50% car, 50% allowance; Pharm, almost always

  • Size of territory: Medical, large; Pharm, usually small

  • Type of sale: Aggressive, selling & closing, getting purchase orders; Pharm, "detailing", influencing physicians to write more prescriptions of company products.

  • Career path: Medical, national or key accounts, regional manager, area or national manager; Pharm, specialty drug division, hospital specialist, national or key accounts. managed care specialist

Medical products usually include beds, catheters, defibrillators, drapes and gowns, endoscopes, gloves, imaging systems, implants, pacemakers, patient monitors, surgical instruments, and sutures.



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